Advisory and Planning

Our advisory model and strategies continue to evolve as more people trust their financial futures with us and seek a trustworthy partnership to assist their planning needs.

  • No proprietary products

    AIS is 100% independent so you can rest assured that there are no conflicts of interests with any recommendations we make.

  • Fiduciary or no fiduciary-it's your call

    At AIS, you decide if you want us to be a fiduciary with discretion over your account or if you simply want access to our approved stock list while retaining the trading authority for yourself. For those "do-it-yourself" investors, you can click here to see a list of our newsletter subscription services.

  • Truly customized portfolios

    As an AIS client, you will not be added to high-cost mutual funds or a cookie-cutter "model" portfolio.  You will own a portfolio of thoughtfully selected stocks, ETFs and ETNs designed specifically for you.

  • Complete Financial Planning

    AIS contracts with the top markets for life, disability and long-term care insurance to assist you with your planning needs.  AIS has access to dozens of insurance companies to make sure you receive unbiased advice.

  • Business Planning

    AIS is connected to the largest markets in the industry for the following: Group Health, Workers Comp, Malpractice, E&O and D&O, Property, Commercial lines, Cyber Security and more.  AIS and its partners offer various types of deferred compensation solutions with vesting schedules (golden handcuffs) that allow business owners to legally discriminate in favor of their key employees.  Email us to find out more on attracting and retaining key employees.

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